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Gospel Reflection-Keeping the Fire Kindled

If Jesus came back today and joined one of our parishes how would he behave? Could we imagine him on the parish council raising funds for the roof and organising the reader’s rotas? Could we see him arranging the flowers, printing the Sunday bulletins or driving the church mini bus? Everything we do for the church is important, but on a scale of one to ten, we are probably not reaching our full potential as Christians... not by a very long chalk? Christianity has become all too comfortable.

We’ve inherited our Catholic culture from our parents and our grandparents and it comes packaged in nostalgia and sentiment. We tend to visualise Jesus the way he was depicted in our first childhood bibles, and think of him as permanently gentle meek and mild. The uncomfortable truth is that if Jesus joined one of our parishes today he would probably not be doing any of the things we consider important. It’s likely he would shake everything up big time. He would be hounding governments, visiting prisons, stirring up church leaders and working in the soup kitchens.  Could it be that as Christians we have become complacent and comfortable?

Today we are reminded that Christianity is not about hymn practice on a Saturday night or hot pot suppers.  Christianity is about real life and death issues. Christianity is about putting our neck on the line in the interests of justice and liberation.  

There is nothing wrong with hymn practice or hot pot suppers. Every job we do to help others is important no matter how small, but Jesus had a burning desire to change the world in the face of great opposition, and it’s our job to keep the fire alive.