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Gospel Reflection - Are You Being Served?

It's good to open the door in the morning and find the milk on the doorstep, or to be able to put out the rubbish and know that it's going to be taken away. It's good to nip out late at night knowing that somewhere there'll still be a corner shop open or a 'Drive-Thru'. We appreciate the people that man these services, but how many of us planned to be those people as we grew up?
"If you don't work hard," our teachers warn us at school, "you'll end up stacking shelves in the supermarket." It seems that we all want to be served, but not many of us want to do the serving.

Today's gospel is a lesson in leadership. Jesus sees leadership as one thing and his disciples see it as something very different.

"Grant that in your glory," request James and John, "that we may sit one at your right and the other at your left."  They equate leadership with authority, power, glory and status. This is not of course how Jesus ever sought to lead. Jesus never sought power or glory; he only ever sought humility and servitude.

"Whoever wishes to be great among you will be slave of all," Jesus tells them. He meant that we should lead by example, by rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in as equals.

Nowadays, we are very career orientated. We are brought up to equate position and status with success. It is easy for a politician, a doctor or a teacher to think that he or she is more important than the person who sweeps the streets. Jesus warns that the cup he chose to drink is a difficult one. What we should take away today is that no one must use their position to lord it over others; rather we should use our God given skills to serve one another.