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Papal Reflections

Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for August 2018  The Treasure of


August is the best month for taking your foot off the 'work pedal' a bit and concentrating on

family. Older family members won't be around forever, and if we are not careful we will be left

with regrets that we left things un-said. All too quickly our children grow up and leave the nest,

and if we are not careful we will have missed out on things we wished we had shared. The

'here and now' is the best time to celebrate family life. Family life is important.  It's within our own families that we build each other's sense of value.  It's within our own families that we grow stronger. This month we are invited to share Pope Francis' prayer intention, "... That any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity."

Peace Actions for August

On August 5th 1945, Hiroshima became the first city in the world to suffer a nuclear attack. On August 9th Nagasaki became the second city to be hit by an atomic bomb. The Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemorate the bombings every year.

 Use the anniversaries as a focus for prayer reflection and action on behalf of peace and nuclear disarmament.

 Join a movement such as ‘Greenpeace’ or ’Friends of the Earth’, or any other movement committed to 'putting the nuclear genie back in the bottle.'

"To remember the past is to commit oneself to the future. To remember Hiroshima is to abhor nuclear war. To remember Hiroshima is to commit oneself to peace." Pope John Paul II, Hiroshima, Japan, 1991


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